Falling, Rising

May 28, 2016


They put a cross on his shoulder,
Already weary and tired.
They made him walk up Calvary,
Where he was going to die.
They shouted terrible insults,
They threw stones and sticks,
No word of gratitude at all
For all the good things that he did.


Falling, rising, failing, rising,
Up the hill, he went,
His body sore and broken,
For us his life was spent.
Falling, rising, falling rising,
Through our life we go,
We ought never to be afraid,
Jesus loves us so.

Jesus stumbled and fell,
Bruised and battered was he,
But his spirit was strong, he kept on to the end,
He did this for you and for me.
Up the hill of Calvary, Jesus carried his cross,
0, would that we carry ours, too,
Following the way he walked.

Repeat Chorus


We ought never to be afraid
Jesus loves us so.

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