May 19, 2016

Home to a love that lasts forever,
Come, friend, here take my waiting hand.
We’ll walk the sure safe way together,
We’ll make it to Our Father’s land.

Home  that’s why I came to be with you,
To help you find Our Father’s way,
To help you live all that’s good and true,
And be home with Our Father one day.

So many reasons one might lose his way,
So many seasons alone and astray

Now, I’m here, right here, beside you,
Come walk the way that leads on home,
Home to the love that lasts forever,
Where fear, strife, and sadness are all gone.

Home to Our Father’s Kingdom,
Where love, peace, and joy, and all are yours,
Our Father waits  love will see you through,
With me, you’ve found the way home.

With me, you are home.

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