If I Really Trusted You

June 5, 2016


If I really trusted you,
I would have no fear.
If I really, really knew you,
I would know you are here.

If I really took your hand,
I would know where to go.
Forgive me, Lord Jesus,
I’m really just so slow.

If I really would believe,
That I and all are yours,
I would fly on angel’s wings,
I would brave distant shores.

I would really love as you love,
I would give you my all.
Bear with me, Lord Jesus,
I’m really just so small.
With you, I shine like the stars,
With you, I will be the best I can be
With you, joy will reign in my heart,
Yes, you are here, you are here for me.

I trust you, I take your hand,
I love you. WIth you
I will really do all I can.
Really, really all for you.

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