July 7, 2016

Savior in each moment,
Jesus, Lord and God,
Be with us, we need you,
Help us truly feel your love.

Hurt filled memories of the past
Keep coming into view.
Pains that once had been
Break our hearts anew.


Heal us, Jesus,
You are Savior of us all.
Your love is what we need
To rise and stand tall.

Heal us, Jesus,
Hold us tightly by the hand.
Jesus, Lord and Savior,
With you, we live again!

Ailing bodies need your touch,
Jesus, make us whole,
Grant us healing of body,
Of heart, and mind, and soul.

Repeat Chorus


Jesus Lord and Savior
With you, we live again!

BLESSING May Jesus grant you all the healing that you need, and with his healing love, may you heal others, in his name.

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