July 7, 2016

Every good thing I do
Is done by you.
Every song that I sing
I sing for you.
Through all time,
May my life say:
¬I want to live, I want to love
In Jesus’ way.

Every pain that I feel,
I lift up to you.
Every blessing I receive
Is a gift from you.
Through all time,
May my life be:
¬A song of praise
For all your goodness to me.

Jesus, 0 Jesus,
On you, I totally depend.
Jesus, 0 Jesus,
My God, my Savior, my friend,

Every dream that I dream
I dream with you,
Every prayer that I pray,
I pray to you.

Through all time,
May my life proclaim:
We can live, we can love,
In Jesus’ name.


Yes, we can live, we can love
In Jesus’ name.

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