August 25, 2016

I love you, Father,
And I give myself to you,
May all humanity
Know and love and worship you.
I want my life
And all I think and do and say
To be one song of praise to you,
Yes, Father, this I pray.

I thank you, Father,
For the life you bless me with.
Through your Son Jesus
All I am and have I give
Forgive me, please
For all the times
That I’ve done wrong.
By your grace, yes, Father,
I will be strong.

My past and present
And my future all are yours.
I consecrate myself
to you forevermore.
Throughout the world,
Yes, Father, yes, your will be done.
By all in all, by me in me
Your little one.

Yes, Father, yes,
Your will be done!

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